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Summer 2014 newsletter

Natural Inflammatory Support (PDF file)
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Spring 2012
Singer Headed for Surgery: Tips on Saving Your Voice (PDF file)

Immune System and Circulation Booster Qi Gong Ear Procedures (PDF file)
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Winter 2010
Gentle Leader and Rock-N-Stop Footrest (PDF file)

Summer 2010
Sinus Self Care (PDF file)
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Spring 2010
Quick Garden Tips (PDF file)

Winter 2009
Quick Winter Tips For Knees and Hips (PDF file)
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Fall 2008
Tip- Hip-Lift: Self-Spinal Decompression (PDF file)
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Summer 2008
Quick Garden Tips: "The Radius" (PDF file)

Summer 2007
Acid-Alkaline Balance, Two Recommended Books (PDF file)

Winter 2007
On the Level (PDF file)

Fall 2006
Lying on Books (PDF file)

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