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The Better Back
This support can transform your car seat, sofa, recliner or over sized chair into a more supportive seat and eases strain on your back. Unlike other supports it has a wooden seat bottom as well as a wooden back. It is lined with foam and has a washable outer cover. It provides a firm base, needed for good sitting as well as good back support. It comes in many colors to match your decor. 800/ 432-2225

Ergonomic chairs, workstation supplies
Consult with Jeff Meltzer at Applied Ergonomics for
multi-adjustable height keyboard trays, desks, computer monitor arms and good chairs for a reasonable price. I have a Built 2 Last, Velocity chair I am very happy with. You can get a good chair for between $200.00 and $300.00. Be sure the hydraulic cartridge in the chair is correct for your height or you might find the chair doesn't go low or high enough. 847 679-5148

Great for self-mobilizing and massaging your own back. A certain level of agility and flexibility are required to use it. 800-367-7393

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