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Feldenkrais Method
Christine is a licensed physical therapist, having graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago Medical Center in 1981. While employed at Cook County Hospital, she worked with neonates, children, amputees, burn victims, neurological and orthopedic patients. Wound care, frostbite, respirators, intensive care units, foot orthotic fabrication, as well as creativity within a budget, were all part of the Cook County experience.

After being introduced to the Alexander Technique by a physical therapy instructor, Christine saw the potential to do more than just fix short-term problems. What if patients could learn to use themselves better to prevent reoccurrence of problems? After several years of Alexander lessons she traveled to London to become a teacher herself. In the course of her 3 years of Alexander training, she worked as a physical therapist in a psychiatric hospital.

Since returning to Chicago in 1990, Christine has become a certified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method as well. Extensive training in Russian Neuromuscular Reeducation techniques has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of her manual skills. She works with adults and children who are able bodied as well as physically challenged. She uses everything she knows to help decrease pain and teach clients to manage themselves for continued good function.

Other interests Christine brings to her work are: singing in amateur choirs for over 20 years, her love of dance, gardening, horseback riding and bird watching. She volunteered for a year in a local Therapeutic Horseback Riding Clinic helping handicapped adults and children. Christine loves combining all her skills and knowledge to help her patients achieve a greater quality of life.

While the nature of her healing art is physical, she recognizes the indivisibility of mind, body, emotions and spirit and keeps a wider view of an individual's needs on their path to wellness.