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Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

F. Matthias Alexander, a Tasmanian born actor (1869-1955) developed this gentle, verbal and hands-on re-educative discipline. Rather than focusing on specific ills or parts of the body, the Alexander Technique teacher helps a student improve the general way they use themselves in whatever they do. A student develops greater bodily awareness, coordination, better breathing and dynamic posture.

The Alexander Technique helps people change harmful habits they may not even know that they have and helps them move with less effort. Consequently, people from all walks of life find it beneficial. Dancers, artists, musicians, actors, educators, health care workers, construction workers and, of course, people who work sitting at desks, can benefit from this technique. People who suffer neck/back pain, arthritis and neuromuscular disorders learn to use themselves in ways that reduce the compressive forces on their joints and improve balance and reduce the effort of ambulation. Although Christine uses many techniques to quickly bring about pain reduction, structural balance and restoration of function, the long term goal is to prevent recurrence of these problems. The Alexander Technique offers a person the sensitivity and tools for long term self care. Christine graduated from a STAT and AmSAT accredited training program in London in 1989. To find a teacher in your area for the Alexander Technique, see sites:


Alexander Technique

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