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The word means stiffness (fibro-fibrous), muscle (my) and pain (algia), but this condition is much more than that. Fibromyalgia pain most commonly affects the neck, back, shoulders and legs. It is often worse in the morning; after overexertion; during cold weather with humidity; worse during a head cold or menses; or after eating a food one is sensitive to. Fibromyalgia sufferers often have headaches, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety or depression, irritable bowel, low thyroid function, memory impairment, or skin sensitivities; and they may require frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions. A true diagnosis usually includes the finding of 11 of the 18 known tender points in certain prescribed muscles.

Many people are diagnosed with fibromyalgia in error, by default, or not diagnosed at all. See link for tender points:

So what is the cause of fibromyalgia? The etiology is unknown but many sufferers report a long history of "life in overdrive". For those with this predisposition, over-stimulation of the central nervous system then begins to effect muscles. Just as some people might get ulcers, or acne when overstressed, certain people are more susceptible to problems with muscles. Thyroid issues and food allergies must also be evaluated as contributing factors.

Treatment Strategies:

1) The Kurashova Tissue Re-education treatment for fibromyalgia targets the central nervous system, acting like a tranquilizer. Interestingly enough it also energizes people who are depressed because of the addition of an adrenal stimulating technique, applied at the end of the session. The whole treatment is specifically 23 minutes in duration, given two times a week, for 5 weeks.

After the treatment series is finished any residual musculoskeletal problems can be addressed, but they may have already "come out in the wash".

To get long-term permanent relief a person must practice daily stress reduction techniques, get regular aerobic exercise and address any possible food allergies. Often higher than normal doses of vitamin supplements are needed and should taken sublingually (under the tongue), if there have been digestive problems.

2) Bowel Health and Fibromyalgia

There is increasing evidence that bowel health directly influences many illnesses. Improvement in fibromyalgia has been seen when digestive system yeast is reduced and "friendly bacteria" are increased. "Bacteria for Breakfast" by Dr. Kelly Karpa, is recommended reading.

You can learn more about probiotic therapy from Doctor Williams' site. His probiotic supplements are enteric coated to ensure live bacteria get to the large intestine.

3) Thyroid Function and Fibromyalgia

One must also rule out poor thyroid function as a cause of fibromyalgia. Dr. John C. Lowe is an endocrinologist who works in Colorado with fibromyalgia patients. He has found a high incidence of poor thyroid function among his patients. Even if your thyroid blood work shows normal but low values, you may have low thyroid function. When ruling out thyroid problems as a source of fibromyalgia one can consult with Dr. Lowe by phone.

His book, "Your Guide to Metabolic Health" offers depth of knowledge as well a comprehensive treatment approach. For more information visit his website

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