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Feldenkrais Method

Product sources:

These are products that I have used and recommend.

The Better Back
This support can transform your car seat, sofa, recliner or oversized chair into a more supportive seat and eases strain on your back. Unlike other supports, it has a wooden seat bottom as well as a wooden back. It is lined with foam and has a washable outer cover. It provides a firm base, needed for good sitting as well as good back support. It comes in many colors to match your decor. I recommend them in the car and they make a model without the seat if you are too tall to use the full support. Alex orthopedic sells them. 

Ergonomic chairs, workstation supplies
Consult with Jeff Meltzer at Applied Ergonomics for multi-adjustable height keyboard trays, desks, computer monitor arms and good chairs for a reasonable price. I have a Built 2 Last, Velocity chair I am very happy with. You can get a good chair for between $200.00 and $300.00. Be sure the hydraulic cartridge in the chair is correct for your height or you might find the chair doesn't go low or high enough. 847 679-5148

Great for self-mobilizing and massaging your own back. A certain level of agility and flexibility are required to use it. 800-367-7393

Lightweight and removable this brace provides effective stability for ankle problems. A must for people who are prone to ankle sprains. The Aircast provides lateral support for an ankle after a sprain but allows ankle flexion and safe stable walking without re-injury. Some people wear them to give preventative stability for walking on uneven terrain or during sports. 800/ 526-8785

Bed Buddy
Grain filled hot/cold pack that can be kept in freezer or heated in the microwave which provides natural moist heat or cold. No fear of forgetting to turn off the heat as these packs return to room temperature on their own. A large flat pack with a Velcro strap is ideal for low back or large thigh; a smaller roll type is great for necks or around small body parts. Available at most Walgreen Drug Stores.

Oxo Good Grips
Makes ergonomic grip kitchen, garden tools and gadgets.

Spenco Neoprene Insoles
Made from the nearly indestructible Neoprene rubber, these insoles never pank down like most foam insoles do. They are more lightweight than the heavier rubber insoles on the market. From simple flat insoles that fit into any shoe to provide greater cushion under heels and metatarsals, to various styles that include arch cushions, these insoles are a must for people on their feet. They are also good replacement insoles once your gym shoe insoles wear out. Available at most Walgreens or call Spenco customer service at 800/ 877-3626

Sports All Lumbar Support Shorts
Great for active people who need mild to moderate support of their low back but hate when braces ride up out of place. The lightweight shorts have Velcro so the support belt can be placed just where you want it. See the Saunders catalogue listed below.

Mn DTProPants
Work pants with built in kneepads. A must for people who work often on their knees without the binding that occurs from wearing knee-pads. Pads are removable for laundering the pants. This is a product from Duluth Trading Co., which make many useful tools and accessories for tradesmen/women. 800 505-8888 or

Plant derivative, excellent applied as a gel for soothing bruises and reducing the inflammation of injury. Available at your local health food store or homeopathic pharmacy. Pills can be taken orally as directed by your homeopath for acute injury or more insidious strains. (See Homeopathy)

Roll this pure peppermint and lavender oil stick on your temples, forehead and neck to nip those tension headaches in the bud! Not for use on children under 7, lactating women or people with epilepsy. This product may not be tolerated by persons with sensitivity to scents including migraine sufferers. Available at your local health food store. In case you can't find it, you can call Arkopharma 800/447-2249

Gymnastic Balls
Great for many uses: low back exercises, low cost seating that is dynamic, or work with handicapped children. Any of the following equipment companies sell them just check the size and prices for the best value.

Equiptment catalouges:

Products for adult and pediatric physical rehabilitation
800/ 323-5547 fax 800/ 574-4333
Web site:
Largest selection of rehabilitation products around, for professional and home use. Good selection of home adaptive equipment, walking/mobility aides; exercise equipment; splint/braces; and pediatric products. Higher end pricing.

Products for both pediatric and some adult rehabilitation
800/ 793-7900 fax 800/ 793-7922
Web site:
Particularly good selection of pediatric products.

Products for pediatric rehabilitation and recreation
800/ 850-8602 fax 800/ 850-8603
Web site:

M.A. Rallis
Products for adult and pediatric physical rehabilitation
800/ 852-8898 fax 732/ 940-0458
Good selection of both professional and home products. Good aquatic, exercise, brace/support and pediatric product selection. Competitive prices.

Professional Products:

Royce Medical Products
800/ 521-0601 fax 805/ 388-1602
Web site:
Professional orthopedic braces, support sleeves, wrist supports not available in other larger catalogues.

Saunders Group
Web site:
Professional and clinical products. Highly recommend their back support shorts, the Sport All, as the lumbar support Velcro's on the short and doesn't ride up. Also very good selection of pregnancy support belts, sacroiliac belts, Neoprene shoulder and hip supports for athletes.

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