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Feldenkrais Method

Traditional Physical Therapy

Christine is a licensed physical therapist, graduating from the University of Illinois in 1981. Trained to assess strength, range of motion, tissue injury, neurological function, child development, mobility and gait, Christine sees patients with physical problems after receiving a prescription from a doctor. Individualized strengthening and stretching exercises are often part of a home program although they differ considerably from standard exercises given by most therapists. Treatment modalities may also include ultrasound, heat/ice and manual techniques. Christine focuses more on whole body involvement and pain-free movement, she can adapt exercises to various positions or ability levels.

For more information on Physical Therapy, please contact Christine.

I am now offering in-person office visits. Telemedicine sessions are still available for those unable to do in-person visits.

Please call 773 338 5016 or email, to schedule a session.

Please visit my Youtube channel for instructive self-help videos:

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